Name of Project
Project for the construction of Agriculture and Livestock Training Center


June 2019- May 2020



Project Area

Panchkhal Municipality, Makwanpur





Embassy of Japan in Nepal

Project Objective

Upliftment of economic empowerment of farmers by enhancing their production and productivity through improved agriculture and better livestock management practices.


Project Expected Outcome

·       Well facilitated agriculture and livestock training center established at local level.

·       Farmers get various types of agriculture & livestock related trainings at local level.

·       Local farmers get the facilities of livestock & soil laboratory established at local level.

·       Improvement of soil quality & increment in productivity.

·       Agriculture & livestock occupation establish as a commercial occupation.

·       Capacity of the farmers will be enhanced.   


Project Activities

·       Construction of 2 storey Agriculture & Livestock Training Center with 6 rooms  (1 conference hall, 2 trainings hall, 1soil lab, 1 dormitory with 16 beds, 1 dinning & dish washing room and  1 kitchen)

·       Provision of complete set of furniture.

·       Complete finishing with internal and external painting.

·       Develop soil laboratory facility.