Message from President

Namaste and Welcome to the LGN’s website!

I am Amira Dali, president of Love Green Nepal (LGN).

LGN, after its establishment in 1991, has travelled almost three decades of journey. For a small NGO like us, 29 years together with the stakeholders, staffs and executive committee members in a single platform was not an easy journey – the vicissitudes, the sunny days, rainy days and stormy days groomed us as a development worker and made us successful to have place for us in the heart of the people where we worked together not only for the people and the society but more importantly for the sake of Nature.

Now, we realize time has come to redefine our scope of work and modality of work. Sustainability of the foreign grant funded projects is to be seriously discussed and best way out that fits to our needs is to be identified. More attention is to be given to the knowledge, technology and empowerment of farmers vis a vis financing is to be made accessible to the people. Moreover, in the period of ‘with Corona’ people are to be more aware to respect the Law of Nature.

I on behalf of LGN, would like to thank all the wishers who have been continuously supporting us directly and indirectly to fulfill our pure goal to develop sustainable livelihood for economically disadvantaged people especially in the marginalized communities.

I request all the visitors to our website to give us your constructive advices and to be the part of development in Nepal with Positive thinking.

Thank you very much.

Amira Dali
Love Green Nepal