Love Green Nepal 

Sainbu, Lalitpur
Summary of Past Projects
S.N. Name of the Project Project Area Project Period No. of Beneficiary Donor
1 Deforestation Control and Greenery Development Project Kathmandu 1992-1993 410 Love Green Japan
2 Panchkhal Valley Deforestation Control and Greenery Development Project Kavrepalanchok 1993-2001 4500 Households and 20 Community Forests Love Green Japan, Asia Women Childred Education Foundation, Shikikobo and Individual Donors
3 Establishment of High Quality Agro-Product Center Lalitpur 2002-2003 105 Farmers Love Green Japan, Shikikobo Company Limited
4 Multipurpose Women Training Building Construction Project (Cooperative) Kavrepalanchok 2002-2003 350 Women Love Green Japan
5 Conservation of Endangered Orchids through Participatory Approach by Community Women Group Makwanpur 2005-2007 174 Women Small Grant Program/UNDP
6 High Quality Agro-products Market promotion and Farm strengthening Project Kavreplanchok, Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur 2006-2007 317  Farmers Shikikobo Company Limited
7 Community Biogas Support Program Kavrepalanchok 2007-2008 1100 HHS Asia Child Support, Shikikobo Company and Love Green Japan
8 Development of Organic Demonstration Center Kavrepalanchok 2007-2009 500 Love Green Japan, Air Pass Co. Japan
9 Integrated Sustainable Livelihood Development Project Kavrepalanchok 2008-2010 990 Love Green Japan
10 Girl Scholarship Distribution and Capacity Development Project Kavrepalanchok 2008-2012 500 young girls Mi Rraino Mori Zukuri, Japan
11 Integrated Rural Development Project (Pilot) Kavrepalanchok, Sindhupalchok and Makawanpur 2009-2011 1130 Love Green Japan
12 Multipurpose Training Building Construction Project (Cooperative) Kavrepalanchok 2010-2011 600 Asia Child Support
13 Strengthening Physical and Technical Capacity of Community ICT center Kavrepalanchok 2010-2011 JEITA, Japan
14 Sustainable Agro-Livestock Promotion Project Kavrepalanchok 2012-2013 4500 HHs Love Green Japan
15 Project for the construction of Girl Hostel Building Siraha 2015-2016 100 Girls Embassy of Japan in Nepal
16 Integrated Rural Development Project (Second Phase) Kavrepalanchok, Sindhupalchok and Makawanpur 2012-2017 2500 Love Green Japan
17 Socio-Psychological and Economic Empowerment of Women Panchkhal Municipality, Kavrepalanchok 2016-2018 105 Women Love Green Japan
18 Physical Infrastructure Development Projects in Public School Kavreplanchok, Kathmandu,Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Sindhupalchok, Makawanpur, Kapilbastu and Dadeldhura 1995-2019 52 Schools (299 class rooms and other physical facilities) Chautary Japan, Asia Women and Children Education Foundation, Love Green Japan