Name of Project
Environment Preservation through Community Based Solid Waste Management and Public Awareness Program


May 2020- April 2021



Project Area

Thaha Municipality, Makwanpur





Love Green Japan

Project Objective

Contribute to preserve the environment of Thaha Municipality by promoting sustainable methods of municipal solid waste management.


Project Expected Outcome

·       The volume of municipal solid waste will be decreased by 70 percent.


·       An adverse effect of on both natural environment and on human health will be mitigated in the project site.


·       The local and aquatic bio-diversity as well as soil and water quality in the area of project coverage will further enhanced.


·       A natural and healthy environment will be enhanced through massive awareness activities and proper solid waste management.


·       Institutional capacity of Users Groups will be enhanced and sustainable techniques of environment preservation trough solid waste management will be handover to the local government.


Project Activities

·       Youth Based Environment Conservation and Public Awareness Activity:

·       Environment Preservation Activities in river side and bazar area:

·       Regular User Groups Meetings: