Head Office

Ward No. 25, Lalitpur Metropolitan City, Lalitpur District, Bagmati Province, Nepal

Contact No.: +977-1-5591-377, +977-1-5592-372

Email : info@lovegreennepal.org.np

Field Office

Ward No. 6, Panchkhal Municipality, Kavre District, Bagmati Province, Nepal

Contact No.: +977-11-407067

t Love Green Nepal handed over the Covid-19 relief items to the Panchkhal Municipality under the Emergency Covid Relief Program funded by Japan Reuse System Limited. The relief items were provided to strengthen the capacity of Panchkhal Municipality to provide better health service in ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  Presented below is the list of items which were provided to the Panchkhal Municipality and Ward Offices.

Panchkhal Municipality Office

1. Oxygen Cylinder (40 Ltr Capacity)- 25 Pcs

2. Oxygen flowmeter- 40 pcs

3. Masks-2000

4. K.N. 95 Masks-2000

5. Sanitizer (500ml)-70 Pcs


In additional, LGN distributed 3250 Masks and 130 Bottle Sanitizer (500ml) among 13 wards offices of Panchkhal Muncipality. 






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