Name of Project
Covid-19 Recovery Project for Sustainable Agriculture Development.




Sustainable Agriculture

Project Area

Panchkhal, Kavrepalanchok


300 Young/Leader Farmer

Donor/Fund Name

Love Green Japan/JICA Yokohama

Project Objective

To enhance livelihood of small farmers and youth farmers affected by Covid 19.

Project Expected Outcome

·       The beneficiary farmers’ agricultural productivity increases by 50% and productivity of livestock by 30%.

·       COVID-19 affected small and youth farmers will be rehabilitated as commercial farmers.

·       A systematic and proper marketing linkage will be established between producer, intermediaries and suppliers

·       Healthy and fresh vegetable products will be supplied in local market and Kathmandu.

·       The capacity of Users Groups and overall empowerment of beneficiary farmers will be enhanced through various intensive training.

Project Activities

A.   Agriculture Activities:

i.   Technical training to youth, small or COVID-19 victim Farmers

ii.  Technical support to the farmers

iii.  Soil conservation and improvement

iv.  Farmer support program (Seedlings, seed, inputs distribution

v.   Knowledge sharing by subject specialist

 B.   Sustainable livestock activities:

i.   Training on livestock farming for  farmers

ii.    Cow shed improvement of livestock trainees

iii.   Chaff cutter distribution for commercial farmers (50% subsidy basis)

iv.    Support on artificial insemination

v.     Improved grass slip distribution

vi.   Healthy milk production training on good management practice for 50 farmers

vii.  Support on milk analysis system development

viii.  Technical support on part time basis

 C.   Establishment of agriculture marketing system:

i.     Marketing and general survey

ii.    Extension of IT knowledge to the  farmers during

iii.   Project period for linking the marketing system

D.   Strengthening of Panchkhal multipurpose training center: ( For ICT training)

i.    Purchase of desktop computers

ii.   Purchase of personal computers

iii.  Purchase of multipurpose printer with photocopy